They say that everything in life is location, location, location. Here, this is accurate. I'd like to take you on a virtual tour of Spider-Man's New York, from the streets of Midtown to the Parker home. Let's begin, shall we?
This is where Peter Parker and his Aunt May both live in Forest Hills. Peter will eventually move out briefly in season one to stay at Harry's apartment, and he'll go back there again in season four. In season five, Peter and Mary Jane live in an apartment when they are engaged to be married.
Mary Jane literally is the girl next door to Peter Parker. She lives in the same neighborhood with her Aunt Anna. You don't really get to see too much of the Watson home on the series, but it does pop up from time to time, such as in season two and season three.
We all know this place. This is where Peter Parker works as a freelance photographer and his boss, J. Jonah Jameson, acts as its owner and publisher. Some of Spidey's most prominent supporting cast also work here, from editor-in-chief Joe "Robbie" Robertson to reporter Ned Leeds and secretary Glory Grant. Aside from printing negative stories about Spider-Man in his newspapers, Jameson also has his own TV studio, J3 Communications, which is featured throughout the series. On the show, Jameson takes the time to bash that masked menace Spider-Man in the Daily Bugle newspapers as well as appearing on television. Welcome to the 90's, Jameson.
No other location may be more important on this show than the Chrysler building, which here serves as Crime Central to the Kingpin. This is where the Kingpin plots and plans, conducting scheme after scheme every week on this series. He starts off on the show manipulating and controlling Norman Osborn, and then he gains Alistair Smythe as his right-hand henchman from seasons one to three. Halfway into season three, Herbert Landon will take Smythe's place as Kingpin's go-to lackey. Several people will try to overthrow Wilson Fisk and become the new Kingpin of Crime, such as the Hobgoblin and even the Spot! But all of them will fail. After all, there's only one Kingpin.
Norman Osborn is incredibly wealthy and the chairman of the OsCorp building.  He is also secretly being controlled by the Kingpin and constantly threatened by his employer to complete his experiments.  If he doesn't, Norman could lose everything to the Kingpin.  His business could be lost, his creations could be taken away from him, and even the life of his own son isn't off limits when it comes to the Kingpin's threats to keep Norman in line.  Originally, Norman Osborn creates such devices as the Goblin Glider and the pumpkin bombs that he will give to his hired mercenary, the Hobgoblin, in an attempt to assassinate the Kingpin.  But the Hobgoblin ultimately betrays Osborn and he uses the inventions for his own crimes.  But Norman will soon have his own plans for the Goblin gear beginning in season three...
The company is owned by Anastasia Hardy and it's perhaps best known as the company where Doctor Otto Octavius was once employed.  He agreed to help Anastasia with scientific inventions, but when Octavius' work isn't progressing as fast as Anastasia had hoped, Octavius' grant gets cut and things only get worse for poor Otto from there when an accident with his experiment turns him into Doctor Octopus.  The Hardy Foundation will be shown periodically on the show, where several people show off incredible machines and scientific breakthroughs.  It will also be a regular place for supervillain attacks, when foes like Doc Ock and Kraven pop up for their own purposes.
This campus is where Peter Parker attends his classes, but this college is also responsible for the creation of many characters on this series.  First, Professor Farley Stillwell conducts a neogenic experiment with a radioactive ray which, unbeknownst to him, results in the origin of Spider-Man.  The second time, Dr. Curt Connors uses uses one of the recurring gadgets of this show, the Neogenic Recombinator, to regrow his missing right arm and he becomes the Lizard.  Later, Stillwell is chosen by J. Jonah Jameson to turn private investigator Mac Gargan into the Scorpion so he can defeat Spider-Man.  Even Michael Morbius, a student at the college, will experiment with the Recombinator for an experiment and accidentally becomes Morbius, the Living Vampire!

Note to self: transfer to another college. It maybe safer than attending E.S.U.
This is the home of OsCorp's owner, Norman Osborn.  This is best showcased in episodes of season three where guests gather around to celebrate special occasions, such as the engagement of Felicia Hardy to Jason Macendale and the birthday of Harry Osborn.  It's also secretly one of the hideouts of Norman Osborn's Green Goblin equipment, when Norman dons the Goblin mask in season three.
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This is the second, and best seen, residence of Felicia Hardy and where her mother, Anastasia, stays sometimes too.  This place is best seen when the Green Goblin abducts Anastasia in his debut episode in season three and is seen even more in season four, when Doctor Octopus captures Felicia Hardy before she becomes the Black Cat.
Thanks to his dad Norman Osborn, Harry has his own apartment.  Harry selects Peter to be his roommate as, when stated in season one, Norman wants a smart, trustworthy student to share the apartment with his son.  Peter accepts, but that lasts for only the two Hobgoblin episodes.  Harry's apartment is best seen in season four, when Peter will return as Harry's roommate after Mary Jane and Norman Osborn/the Green Goblin vanish into limbo.
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Sadly, we don't see too much of the Statue of Liberty on this show.  The episode is best seen in "The Spot" episode, when Spidey's fight with the Spot takes him to Liberty Island before the Spot leaves Spidey hanging from the crown by his own webbing and then the Spot gets away.  However, "The Spot" is considered by many fans as the worst episode of the "Spider-Man" animated series, and it's a shame that the best time we saw old Lady Liberty on the series was in such a poor episode.  Regardless, here's a bit of Spidey trivia you may not know, since it wasn't on the series: this is the spot where Spider-Man and the Human Torch, his best friend from the Fantastic Four, would go to meet up.  It's just a shame that we never saw a Spider-Man/Human Torch meeting at the Statue of Liberty on the show.
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