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Welcome to the new "Spider-Man" fan site!

This fan site is dedicated to the Fox Kids "Spider-Man" animated series that aired from November 1994 to January 1998. There's not much on this site right now, but you can surely expect to see tons of pictures, trivia, a goofs guide, episode reviews, an episode guide of all sixty-five episodes, and much, much more.

You can also see my fan site for "The Spectacular Spider-Man" in this site's Links section. Also, I've added a new section to the Wish List: "What If"-style pictures of what I wish we'd seen on this animated series. Take a look, if you want.

There are also two all-new, free-to-sign petitions that fans can sign in regards to this wonderful show.  One asks Buena Vista Home Entertainment to release all 65 episodes of this "Spider-Man" series on DVD and Blu-Ray, while the second asks for Disney XD and Marvel Animation to make all-new episodes of this show that picks up where the series finale leaves off with Spider-Man and Madame Web looking for and finding the real Mary Jane. The petitions are 100% free to sign and none of your information gets displayed or shared after signing.  

You can find the links to the petitions and photos for them below and you can also see the alternate pictures for them in the New - Petitions and Links page.

(And before anyone asks, I know that the Hulk and Sandman were never on this show and that Electro did appear on this cartoon as a new made-for-TV character, Rheinholdt Kragov a.k.a. the son of the Red Skull.  They are in this manip picture I made because the petition asks for the new episodes, should any be made, include things the old series was unable to do, like show Spider-Man punch an enemy on the jaw or includes characters previously blocked from appearing as guest stars, such as Sandman, the Max Dillon version of Electro from the comics and The Incredible Hulk.)

NEW! -

This petition asks for new merchandise to be made based on "Spider-Man: The Animated Series" in 2019 for the series' 25th anniversary year.  Among the suggestions of what could be made in 2019 for the show's anniversary include a complete series release on DVD and Blu-Ray, all-new retro action figures by Hasbro based on this show, Heroclix sets, the musical score from this animated series released on CD and ITunes, and much more.


This is a free-to-sign petition that asks Marvel Comics to undo the events of the story "One More Day" and permanently bring back the marriage of Peter and Mary Jane Watson-Parker into continuity into the monthly comics.  181 signatures have been collected so far.


This website isn't mine, but I am sharing it.  If you're a Spider-Man fan, then please be sure to check out my buddy Luke's U.K. based toy review website.

UPDATED 09/20/2016: Story editor/producer/series co-writer John Semper Jr. himself was kind enough to answer my 20 questions I sent him for the newest page of this fan site -- Interviews!  If anyone would like to read what Mr. Semper had to say about the series, be sure to go to the Interviews section and read on!

UPDATED 06/24/2017: New images and new lists have been added to the Best and Worst section.  It's currently a work in progress, with full details and more photos coming soon.  But for now, you can see which are the show's 10 best episodes, the show's runner-up 10 best episodes, the series' 5 worst episodes, the 5 most disappointing episodes, the 10 best villains of this show, the 5 worst villains, and so much more.

UPDATE 04/08/2018: A lot of these images have been replaced with new high-quality pictures in the Villains, Heroes and Best and Worst sections of this fan site. I've also added the Top 5 best guest heroes to appear on this animated series in this web site's Best and Worst page.  I will also be making new character bios for the Heroes and Villains pages, such as Sergei Kravinoff/Kraven the Hunter, Harry Osborn/Green Goblin II and Herbert Landon in the Villains page, Steve Rogers/Captain America and Frank Castle/The Punisher in the Heroes page, and more Best and Worst categories.  New high-quality images and new content should be up in the near future, Spidey fans, so keep your eyes peeled for all-new updates and images added...

UPDATE 08/12/2018: A new petition link has been included based on this animated series and a new Spider-Man related link has been added to the Petitions and Links page.  There will also be some new images and character bios for Harry Osborn/Green Goblin II, Steve Rogers/Captain America and Frank Castle/The Punisher next week, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the next update in the near future!

Thanks for stopping by, True Believers!

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